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ALADDIN is funded under the first AAL call, AAL-2008-1, and its Reference Number is AAL-2008-1-061. The project duration is 27 months, starting from 1st September 2009. The consortium consists of eight partners, from five EU member states (Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom) The overall project budget is 1.980.757 euro of which 1.480.020 euro is the grant to the budget.

Hi OP, I have the same prob as well.I bought a bag on ebay a few months ago which also has crooked n missed stitching at the edge. My friend who is an LV enthusiast helped to authenticate the bag when I received it. She told me it was fake as LV is particular abt stitching. But I had it authenticated on the forum before, n it was authentic. It is still an on going debate between me n my friend. But I strongly stand by my belief that it is an authentic LV. lv handbags


i would get a speedy or the new speedy b . palermo only looks good when you carry it on the arm. for some reason i do not like it on the shoulder, and the strap seems to short for cross body. if you already have second thoughts then dont keep something you are not in love with. You will only be selling it down the road. :) louis vuitton store

,They're both so pretty, its a hard decision. Do you need a bigger or smaller bag? If you can only get one, get tivoli because it is bigger and you'll get more use out of it. If you are in the market for a evening bag, get the eva since you can wear it so many different ways. rolex explorer ii,I actually prefer Louis Vuitton overall.. but to me, Hermes symbolizes accomplishment. I would like to accomplish that much in life so I can rock the Hermes - but I probably will still use my Vuitton bags more anyways. christian louboutin,

Gorgeous, congrats! louis vuitton wallet


I don't think so.. I bought a mono zippy wallet just because i like the way it ages.. who cares what other people think. It's your what you like.. vuitton handbag


I love it, it's a classic!!! louis vuitton bags


very pretty. I love my artsy!! Just got it 3 weeks or so.Congratiulations!! louis vuitton handbag